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Version 0.2.4 | Published August 21st, 2018

Welcome to Icon Builder

The purpose of this application is to save Army planners time by building complex symbols, such as units, equipment, and obstacles, and outputting them as images. Planners can then place these images using existing tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Symbols created with this application are compliant with the references below.

How to Use this Application

Warning! Symbols you create will be lost when you navigate away from this page unless you save them to your computer.

Use the Units, Equipment, or Obstacles tabs to begin creating symbols. Each symbol has options that are used to customize them to your specific needs. Once you are done, click the Add to Download List button. You can see all of your completed symbols using the Download tab.

Recommend Changes

This application is a proof-of-concept and I am always working on improvements. If you have a recommendation, please submit it to armyiconbuilder@gmail.com.


  1. ADRP 1-02 published November 16, 2016
  2. MIL-STD-2525D published June 10, 2014


If a discrepancy was discovered between the ADRP and the MIL-STD, the standards in the ADRP were used. An example of a discrepancy between the two is the rotation of the bounding octagon.

PowerPoint Integration

This application was designed with planners in mind. As a result, it was designed to easily integrate with Microsoft PowerPoint, the Army's top-of-the-line planning tool. Some symbols, such as an axis of advance, depend on the terrain they are overlaid on. Instead of trying to solve this problem, which PowerPoint does relatively well, this application focuses on creating symbols that are more complex and take time to get right. This page is meant to instruct planners on how to build symbols that this application does not generate.

Building a Minefield Template using the Curve Tool

Creating areas doesn't have to be a long process, and can look professional with minimal effort and a little bit of knowledge. For this demonstration, I am going to create a Minefield, found in ADRP 1-02 page 8-64. For all examples, click on the image to see it in full size.

To get started, queue and download the correct mine symbols for your minefield. For this example, I am using a combination of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. For all your options, see ADRP 1-02 page 8-66 thru 8-68 .

Step 1: Draw Shape

In PowerPoint, add the mine symbols. Select the Curve tool (you can optionally use the Freeform: Shape tool), and draw the area you want. Connect the last point to the first point to create a complete area.

Step 2: Match Colors

Use the eyedropper tool on the mine symbol to get the correct Border color, or reference the color chart below. Set the Fill color to No Fill (transparent).

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Resize the mine symbols and position them in your shape. Change the border width to match the lines coming off of the anti-personnel mines, completing the symbol. If your symbol isn't shaped exactly how you want it, use these steps to fix the border.


The colors used to build these symbols are referenced in MIL-STD-2525D in paragraph 5.5.d. You can use the RGB codes provided to create a custom color in PowerPoint that matches the ones provided with the symbols.

  • When placing filled symbols on a dark background, such as over imagery, MIL-STD-2525D allows the icon to be framed in white. Control measures outlined in black can likewise be colored white on dark backgrounds.
  • MIL-STD-2525D provides colors for civilian icons, but these colors are not referenced in ADRP 1-02, therefore, are not included yet in this application.
  • When using these colors, it is recommended that the planner use the RGB values for all digital products. The HEX value may look different from monitor to monitor depending on the manufacturer.
Common ColorsHEXRGBHSL
Friendly ColorsHEXRGBHSL
Hostile ColorsHEXRGBHSL
Neutral / Obstacle ColorsHEXRGBHSL
Unknown ColorsHEXRGBHSL
Civilian ColorsHEXRGBHSL

Unit Symbols

This page is still under construction, but functional in its current state. Additional features will be available at a later time.

Your symbol will appear under the Download tab

Equipment Symbols

This page is still under construction, but functional in its current state. Additional features will be available at a later time.

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Linear Obstacle Symbols

This page is still under construction, but functional in its current state. Additional features will be available at a later time.

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Point Obstacle Symbols

The obstacle symbols below do not have any customization options.

SymbolUse WithExample
Anti-Personnel MineMinefields ADRP 1-02 Pages 8-63 thru 8-68
Anti-Tank MineMinefields ADRP 1-02 Pages 8-63 thru 8-68
Anti-Tank Mine Anti-Handling DeviceMinefields ADRP 1-02 Pages 8-63 thru 8-68
Unspecified MineMinefields ADRP 1-02 Pages 8-63 thru 8-68
Wide-Area MineMinefields ADRP 1-02 Pages 8-63 thru 8-68
Booby TrapN/AN/A
Fighting PositionN/AN/A
Surface ShelterN/AN/A
Underground ShelterN/AN/A

Download Images

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